-[Video Project]-

Step 1: Story Board Image-Pack-video-project2

VanCoevering, K. L. (Artist). (2016). Story Board. [Image of painting]. Allendale, MI; http://www.Kvancoevering.wordpress.com.

Step 2: Creating Timeline

Screen Shot 2016-02-11 at 8.14.26 PM

VanCoevering, K. Creating Timeline. [Image of timeline in Final Cut Pro]. Final Cut Pro

Step 3: The Final Video Using Final Cut Pro

VanCoevering, K. L. (Director). Marshall, W. M. (Actor). (2016). Final Video Project – By: KV [Online video]. Retrieved from https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_E9Nr9yTAKU

Step 4: Evaluation

Throughout this project I have learned the basic fundamentals of the application of Final Cut Pro, not only did I learn this program, but I was able to understand the foundation to promote and push a creative process behind it. I demonstrated the series of steps to get to the final project of a straightforward objective. I genuinely enjoyed the ability to utilize the concept of mass media, rather than focusing on just the relation and marketing aspect of the field.

This blog post is to just introduce my beginner skills as a blogger, and fortunately I was able to start this off with self-expression and individualism. Although the topic of dogs  may be mundane, I thought that the way this project was structured allowed a lot of different and unique takes to very simplistic ideas. Which is a key to advertising, which is what I am majoring in. To be able to monopolize on just a simple idea, and expand on it. This gave me a whole new take on my perspective on the creative process of a campaign.