-[Social Media Opinion Piece]-

I personally use social media as a time capsule for my life, and I use it almost as a life marking or capture, I rely heavily on my reflections. Mainly it’s more of a recreational use for a mind stimulating activity, it allows me to feel involved and relevant to a world outside of my own. I use a lot of my social media as a way to keep updated with current events around the world and the people around me. 

Honestly, I believe that other people have been using social media as more of a promotional factor. There is a prominent trend that is growing in millennia’s worlds today of monopolizing on their social media to enhance their status, and this has become the new way that people are starting to brand themselves. Social media is a pretty mundane job, so I think that it was innovative to use media vehicles as something more useful than just posting things with no meaning for it. 

The most beneficial aspect of I think of social media is that the distance limitation no longer becomes a barrier. I have fully taken advantage of the capabilities that social media offers when it comes to keeping up with people that are not always accessible due to my location. Research from Sue Scheff, author, parent, and family internet expert explains that although there tends to be a bad connotation with social media, that we as a community were able to take advantages of the benefits of social media and flourish, regardless of the negative outlooks, because we made progress. This as well aids the consequences of becoming absence with people, it allows you to be able to feel like you haven’t lost connections with people, because you don’t have to.

However, I think that the largest drawback that social media has is that it has desensitized the world around us.  I think we have convinced ourselves that social media is a justification of good communication, we use it to convey messages because we feel that we can bond with the platform, rather than forming that physical connection with others. A main concern for many of the general public is that it is starting to heavily influence the minds of young children, even through the development stage, which can be the most crucial and can determine the direction of the rest of their life (Potarazu, 2015)

All in all I think that the clearest and most concise way that I can put the way I feel about social media is that it allows the ability to act fast, and be involved. On the other hand though, regardless of the information put on the internet, it says there forever, and it can limits the ability for that information to be truly applicable and realistic (Friedman, 2016).

Throughout the current generation, like I said previously, I think that social media has become a prominent factor in promoting themselves to a high status. Although, I do think that today social media is used more today for a sense of importance, we update those platforms because we want people to know what we’re doing and when. I think that for obvious reasons it has become selfish and superficial, but I do think that we would be where we are today without it. I think that it has paved the way to the milestone that this generation is trying to be remembered for. For me personally, especially with my major, I think that social media has opened up so many opportunities for myself, because that can be a whole job in itself. So I am grateful for what it has done, but I think there will always be drawbacks when change is being enacted and executed.  


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-[Social Media Management]-

Step 1: Use a social media management tool to incorporate to your own Twitter account

Personally, I used TweetDeck. However, you can use ones such as Hootsuite

Step 2: Schedule at least five updates on Twitter

For this project specifically, you were required to include #CAP105GVSU with each one. 

Screen Shot 2016-04-14 at 1.54.55 AM

VanCoevering, K. (2016). TweetDeck Scheduled Updates [Screen shot]. https://tweetdeck.twitter.com

Step 3: Evaluate

I was excited to get involved with this project, because it was so relevant and related to my life today. Not necessarily directly towards me, but more so indirectly towards the people that I follow. I personally follow many celebrities, from actors, to singers, to musicians, etc. and I do appreciate them keeping me updated on what is going on. For instance, being able to keep up on  upcoming events, breaking news, and new songs is why I follow anyone on any platform, not just twitter. We know that celebrities get busy, so I could imagine why they or their PR team would use this technique to keep their followers interested and aware of them.

However, for me personally I would not use this as much, this is due to the fact that I really don’t have any obligations to anyone to keep them updated. The concept of twitter is selfish in the way that we tweet, we tweet only when we want, and what about. On the other hand, there are people that rely heavily on the idea that this is a platform to satisfy and fulfill other people’s lives that they tweet to to keep us happy, so this is a method to accomplish this for them. I think that for the right audience, this is a tool that if use right can be dangerous and be monopolized into a greater purpose.