-[Networking Part 2]-

For my second networking event I attended the event ‘Pearls to Pros,’ that was located in downtown Grand Rapids at University Room Club room that is on campus. While going into this event I did have have any expectations or really much knowledge of what this was going to entail. What I soon realized was that this event was going to have one of the biggest influences on me to get more involved with my major, I gained a lot of realistic profound advices from alumni students that were once sitting in the very seat I was sitting in. 

The event started with a elder man taking on front and center of the crowd, and introduces himself, “I’m Frank Blossom.” What I didn’t know what that he was someone that I desperately wanted to get in contact with, and not only that but also to build up my connection with him. I learned that he was a prominent professor at GVSU, and I was going to be pursuing him as a future CAPSTONE class. Out of the nine alumni that spoke, they all spoke of professor Blossom and how he has significantly raised their status in the world thanks to that man. 

In the major of advertising and public relations, it can feel like a big world, and your dreams become far fetched. But listening to the alumni’s talking about their experiences, and their journey’s to become young and professional business people it was inspiring to me to hear that it is all for a greater purpose. After this event I felt like my mind academically was much more optimistic about the opportunities that I could unlock for myself, because I know that when you studying your major, you can get lost in what your doing and why you’re doing it. This event was a friendly reminder that your hard work is going to pay off, and you will be successful if you put your full heart into something. 

In the end I gained so much inspiration and motivation from this event, much more so then I ever thought I could have. I believe that the reason that it had such an impact on me was because they were so relevant to my time, and my position. They were relatable and most importantly realistic, I believe that what I learned there was nothing that I could learn inside of a classroom. Personally, I believe the most valuable aspect of life is to learn from others, and I was fortunate enough to be apart of exactly that.  

To learn about more networking events, visit GVSU’s Advertising and Public Relations page.

image-3 copy

VanCoevering, K. L. (Artist). (2016). Pearls to Pro’s. [Photograph]. Allendale, Michigan.


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