-[Networking Part 1]-

For my first part of my networking events that I completed, I chose to go to the career center. This actually became very relevant for me, because I am currently applying to jobs for The State of Michigan, and they require a very well-rounded resume. I had previously worked there, and got in with a mediocre resume, but I knew I needed to take it to the next level. So I proceeded by going to the career center in the student services building in the Allendale campus, and I requested a consultant for a walk in appointment.

She at first asked me what I was trying to focus on today while I was with her, and I told her I really felt like I wanted my resume to better represent me. I had a problem with thinking that my resume was too plan, and did not have have the ‘wow’ factor that I thought that some were supposed to have. My resume was simply black and white, with barely any graphics or anything. The first thing she offered was a packet that had plentiful amount of examples and explanations of different resumes depending on what message you were intending for. However, she said that simplicity goes so far, and that anyone that you would talk to here would say that clear and concise is the way to go if you want to keep the employer engaged at all. The consultant as well said that an easy way to pick up inspiration is to look on Google of other resumes, obviously not to copy it, but to bounce ideas from is a great direction. She also suggested that what she has seen being successful for students is the use of subcategories within sections. For instance, having ‘customer service’ inside of your work experience so that if you were to apply to an area that is predominantly with customer service that can help them determine your skills sets in that area. 

Overall, I found a great deal of the information I got from the career center very applicable. I did not know much about this center, and now I was able get exposed to it, I have a very strong feeling that I will be coming here for a lot more as my as I get closer to getting out to the business world. They have a lot of relevant advice that I found relatable, because the consultants at least the one I worked with was in the same shoes I was in, and it helped me to grasp what she meant and why a lot easier. I am grateful to have found a workshop that is not dominated educationally, but more so to prepare you or the world a head of you.


VanCoevering, K. L. (Artist). (2016). Career Center Visit. [Painting]. Allendale, Michigan.


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