-[Google Certification]-

Step 1: Learn about what Google Analytics is 

Learn the basic fundamentals of Google Analytics hereThis information will help you get qualified to effectively use Google Analytics to the fullest potential, and this allows you to get more involved with the  various functions that Google provides. 

Step 2: Take the ‘Digital Analytics Fundamentals‘ test

This is located on the previous page that was indicated in step 1, it should contain 20 questions to asses your knowledge.

Step 3: Complete the test, and post your score.

Screen Shot 2016-04-20 at 11.33.24 PM

VanCoevering, K. (2016). Score of Google Analytics Individual Qualifications [Screenshot]. Retrieved from https://analyticsacademy.withgoogle.com/course/1/unit/F/assessment/Fin

Step 4: Evaluation

After finally passing this test, I was able to get certified to allow me to fully use the various functions that Google has to offer. This gave me the basic fundamentals , which can become applicable to my daily life. I knew that this was going to open up new opportunities for  me when I am trying to move forward with my career, and while  I am promoting myself as an up and coming business person. This goes hand in hand with the ‘Brand Yourself‘ and about the Google Ad word posts that I previously made,  and this helps bring relevance to this project as well. 

The most interesting thing that I found was that although I knew that there was responsibilities that came with having an account, but the diverse amount of activities that you can participate with is pretty incredible. I think that the most interesting section that I saw during this tutorial was about the extensive techniques that are used to make your journey more of a success. I know that I still have a lot of room for improvement and learning, and I think that searching around and learning the new technology will be half the fun of getting to know more about Analytics and what Google has to offer as a promotional tool for yourself. 



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