-[Future of my Blog]-

I persoanlly will be keeping my CAP 105 blog, I believe that no harm could come from having a blog, so I see no reason to be deleting it. If anything comes out of this, I think that it will would be something positive. In the field that I’m going into with an advertising and public relations, having the capability o maintain and update a blog is almost a unspoken requirement to allow you in the field properly. We I have heard success stories, people on the road to success, or are recruiting future workers, having a blog site that can help you start to brand yourself and show your future encounters who you are and what you stand for. Although this blog is derived from projects and agendas, I think that it is a great way to keep up on my skills so I would be able to showcase my growth and my progress and where I am currently. 


VanCoevering, K. L. (Artist). (2016). Grand Valley State University. [Painting]. Allendale, Michiagn; Kaitlyn VanCoevering.

This blog acts as a temporary portfolio, and I think that it so important when trying to  monopolize your brand to others. However, that comes with making sure that everything that is on here is impressive in my eyes. Though I may delete posts here and there that I think weren’t as up to par,  I will be continuously adding to it, so better stuff will be on here.  I do not see any irking cons that could come of showcasing hard work, just the polishing of it and the consistency with who you are is important when keeping something like this. I am grateful that I was exposed to this type of monopolizing, because when I think back to when I declared my major, this did not cross my mind a something that would have an impact on me. Not just the blog itself, but the ability to know the capabilities of getting to know yourself, I think that it so important. I believe this has helped me find a unique theme that I accompany myself with now, because I had to develop this page. 



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