-[Nameplate Project]-

Step 1: Make an account with a server that provides nameplate options 

I chose to use, “About.me” to create my nameplate. 

My personal About.me

Step 2: Fill out the necessary information to complete the template

For instance, I talked about my major, my personality traits, what I plan to do and become in the future, what I desire to be, as well as contact information to get a hold of me. 

Step 3: Save the template to view the final nameplate

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 4.50.09 AM.png

VanCoevering, K. (March 22, 2016). Kaitlyn VanCoevering – Nameplate [Website template]. https://about.me/kaitlynvancoevering

Step 4: Evaluate

Although this project may have seemed mundane and simple, this serves a much greater purpose than what it meets the eye. For a lack of a better name, I was able to create a electronic business card. This allows much more information to be shown, and it is flexible with specifically what you want, as well as it allows you to be updated with your connections while networks. This starts the ideal of branding yourself, which we currently have learned in our class, because this in turn sets the tone of your personal and business life. 

This really shed light on the idea of the importance of first impressions, and how they can either be the beginning or the end. This shows versatility, as well as awareness that you as the brand is informed of the alternative ways to reach your peers. Nameplates give you the ability to be ahead of the game and be prepared when business cards may not be able to be used accessed, but could impact the beginning of a new connection. 



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