-[Creative Web Pages for Advertising Majors]-

Step 1: Come up with keywords that you believe would be used to reach your personal blog

I decided to use, “Blog post, Creative, Advertising Major, Mass Media, and Education”

Step 2: Use the terms you chose, and insert them into Google Ads Keyword Tool to get 5 additional terms or words that have the highest global number of searches in that category, and list them. 

My 5 keywords:

  1. Blog post
  2. Creative 
  3. Advertising Major
  4. Mass Media
  5. Education 

Google’s recommended additional 5 keywords: 

  1. Creative
  2. Major Advertising
  3. Degree Advertising
  4. Relations Advertising
  5. College Advertising

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 3.35.31 AM


VanCoevering, K. (March 20, 2016). Google AdWords [website]. https://adwords.google.com/ko/KeywordPlanner/Home?__c=9314679140&__u=5230822820&authuser=0&__o=cues#searchdetails

Step 3: Record the number of global monthly searches for each term
  1. 44, 570
  2. 560
  3. 1,800
  4. 2,070
  5. 500
  6. 1,840
Step 4: Write a sentence for each alternate keyword that Google suggested that you could incorporate in your personal blog
  1. This is a creative based blog that allows for various mediums, channels, and vehicles that can expand your knowledge on several subjects. 
  2. A Major Advertising drives blog that demonstrates my knowledge on several subjects regarding the necessary skills to succeed. 
  3. To expand on my Degree in Advertising I created a blog to illustrate the ideals of the elements of the creative and logical side of this degree. 
  4. As well as being apart of the Relations Advertising, I developed this blog to allow the growth of expanding this website to showcase my skills in this department. 
  5. An overall generalization of the College Advertising skills that are acquired one will experience when diving into a degree in Advertising. 
Step 5: Evaluation

This project opened my eyes to the logistics of google, and how articulate the analytics are of Google. The ability to know how to manipulate searches to draw in users is very helpful when trying to expand and showcase the necessary skills to succeed in this major. We take the words we use for granted when using any type of search engine, but this workshop helped me understand the real opportunities and consequences you can have from a single word. While I used Google daily, I was unaware of the reasoning for the way websites were showed. 

What I found the most surprising was that the words I thought would have high ratings were categorized as either, “low,” or “medium” which I thought was interesting. This helped me understand the importance of the power of relevance within search engines. I believe that this will forever have an impact on me, because when I start to brand myself I will have access to have the best potential to develop myself and grow in this industry. 


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