-[Brand Yourself Project]-

Step 1: Set up an account on BrandYourself.com

Type in your name when you are choosing the identity that you are trying manipulated and search for results on. 

Step 3: Take a screenshot of the first initial score of your branding

For some reason is was unable to give me a score because it was unknown, but it had all of my content. 

Screen Shot 2016-03-25 at 5.35.29 AM

VanCoevering, K. (March 24, 2016). BrandYourself score [website]. Retrieved from http://brandyourself.com/links#/links

Step 3: Go through the process of manipulating the results when searching your name

You can decide to whether or not a website associated with your name is positive, negative, or not you at all. This allows you to bury and boost your sites according to the ranking that it shows on google. 

Step 4: Evaluation 

For me I think this was the most interesting and relatable project to me. We all at one point have searched our name, and I remember before this class I was somewhat displeased with what was initially showing up when you would type in my name. The links that were popping up were not necessarily anything worrisome, however, I would have rather had things dominate the higher rankings. I was always curious about how to get certain thing off or at least in a sense buried. So it was exciting to see something relatable and relevant could be taught later in my class. 

This concept really makes you think about what you decide to engage yourself in, because I know that if at the time I knew what the consequences were to get involved with those websites I would not have. Those pictures and links that identify with me will more or less be with me forever, even after I deleted my accounts, I would have to go through extensive steps to go through with it. This was important to me, because people that don’t know you have nothing to go off of but what can be found, and you want that to be as pristine as possible. Professionalism is motivate when doing this. 


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